BHS (Baggage Handling Systems)  


The Baggage Handling Systems industry faces unique challenges unlike any other field. There is no time sensitive product like getting a passenger’s bags quickly. There is no more diverse product size than airline passenger luggage. There is no other critical system like the security screening baggage system requirements of the TSA. MOVIGEAR® products from SEW-EURODRIVE combine flexibility high efficiency, adaptability, and high onboard intelligence to satisfy these situations.


Advantages of using MOVIGEAR® include:

  • Decentralized installations reduce installation costs and maintenance - MOVIGEAR® can be controlled over a Single-line Network Interface(SNI) that allows the power and control signals to use a four conductor power cable. No communication cables needed!
  • The MOVIGEAR® drives also offer a wide speed with full torque, which minimizes spare requirements, simplifies maintenance, reduces down time and adapts well to variable loads
  • The MOVIGEAR® permanent magnet motor design is the quietest, most advanced conveyor drive system on the market today and it saves nearly 50% of the power required by conveyors
  • Reduces cooling load
  • One technician to replace any gearmotor


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MOVIGEAR® and DRC electronic motor: Energy efficient mechatronic drive systems for baggage handling applications



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