Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany

Container feeder Variopac Pro (for ErgoBloc D)


Flexibility is key to allow for efficient processes in beverage plant packaging systems. The „Variopac Pro“ system machine made by Krones AG can package different sized containers using film of varying thicknesses on multiple tracks.

Container feeder

Flexible MOVIGEAR® drives from SEW-EURODRIVE combines the necessary flexibility with high efficiency:

  • Decntralized installations
  • Up to 12 MOVIGEAR® DSC Sbus units connected to the machine controller through one decentralized SBus controller
  • The MOVIGEAR® drives permit a wide speed control, which allows for individual back pressure control for each container track
    back pressure control for each container track
  • SEW System Bus technology (SBus)
  • High performance SEW-EURODRIVE SBus communication provides fast communication and reaction times

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2BHS (Baggage Handling    Systems)