Overload capacity

Startup curves

Many horizontal materials handling applications require a higher torque during the startup phase to overcome static friction, to loosen dirt and sticky residue. This has to be taken into account when planning, which is why the conventional drive systems only utilizes 50% to 60% of drive power in steady-state, continuous operation.
MOVIGEAR®, however provides a starting torque that is 3 to 4 times higher than the continuous opertating torque, so the MOVIGEAR® can be sized without consideration for starting overload requirements. This means that the power required to drive the system can be significantly reduced. Other electrical elements, such as fuses and switches, can also be sized smaller.

Beverage Industry


MOVIGEAR® combines
the three core competencies
of SEW-EURODRIVE in one mechatronic drive system:
Gear unit, motor and drive electronics.

Driving the world