MOVIGEAR® SEW system bus controller


High performance and fast bus communication

MOVIGEAR® with SEW system bus enables simple integration of the mechatronic drive system
for applications close to the machine. Fast communication cycle times make the S-bus MOVIGEAR®
the best solution for dynamic machine applications.



  • Integrated Sbus communication interface
  • Fast communication cycle times
  • Hybrid cable available for simplified installation
  • Control cabinet or decentralized Sbus controller available
  • Dynamic drive performance Sbus controller available
  • Integrated STO (safe torque off)



Application options

  • Applications with high breakaway and starting torques
  • For conveyor systems with fast reaction time requirements
  • Applications that require soft starts or controlled starts
  • Synchronous operations of groups of drives



Application examples

  • Palette conveyors
  • Machine-integrated conveyor belts
  • Feeding conveyors
  • Synchronized feeder conveyors
  • Reversing drives

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Installation topology with a SEW system bus controller

MOVIGEAR® Installation topology

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