Single Line Network Installation

With MOVIGEAR® SNI, power and data is transferred across one standard cable. This principal is called Single-line Network Installation. Using one cable for power and communication results in reduced installation and system costs.




  • One cable for power and communication
  • No need for communication cable
  • Minimizes bus cabling faults
  • Reduced startup times
  • Shorter project runtimes/lower project costs
  • Shorter project runtimes / lower project costs
  • Integrated STO (safe torque off)




  • Applications with high breakaway and starting torques
  • Conveyor systems with variable speed applications
  • As a drive for applications that require soft and/or controlled starts
  • Synchronous operation of groups of drives



Application examples

  • Belt conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Roller and wheel conveyors
  • Screw conveyors
  • Container and packaging unit transports
  • Chain and drag-chain conveyors











Installation topology




Principle of communication
    Data exchange between MOVIGEAR® and PLC
  • The SNI controller is the gateway between a PLC and MOVIGEAR®SNI units
  • The PLC sends control data to the SNI controller.
  • The SNI controller distributes the data to the MOVIGEAR®SNI units
  • The SNI controller sends MOVIGEAR® status information to the PLC




SNI Controller
The SNI controller is a decentralized solution (IP66) that controls up to 10 MOVIGEAR® SNI units. It is the interface between PLC and the connect MOVIGEAR® drive units.




Driving the world

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