Standardization + modularization

The universal application options and the large speed control range of MOVIGEAR® offer even more savings potential. The reduction of different sizes of gearmotors saves construction and planning, as well as spare parts and storage costs. In addition to the SNI design, MOVIGEAR® is available with Sbus, binary or AS-Interface communication interface.

Airport logistics

    During the development stage of MOVIGEAR®, emphasis was placed on the different gearmotor sizes and ratios:
  • Large speed setting range for constant continuous torque substitutes the need for multiple gearboxes and different gear ratios.
  • Universal installation in all mounting positions reduces the number of drive components

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Installation costs reduced by up to 40%

Another advantage: MOVIGEAR® is a mechatronic drive system with excellent networking features, which reduces startup time. The unique SNI technology from SEW-EURODRIVE significantly reduces installation processes: up to 40% of installation costs can be saved.

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Driving the world

Standardization ...

Installation costs ...

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