Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Conveyor line for PET bottles and packaging units


Coca-Cola, Austria, had very aggressive energy savings goals and CO2 reduction objectives in their shrink wrappers, palletizers and filling lines. They partnered with the local electrical utility to achieve the best energy efficient system possible. MOVIGEAR® drive technology from
SEW-EURODRIVE was installed and was expected to save an impressive amount of energy and CO2.

Conveyor line for PET bottles and packaging units

The local public utility, Wein Energle, tested the potential savings and confirmed the following statistics:

  • Energy savings of 75% due to the use of 40 MOVIGEAR® units with SNI technology (Single-line Network Installation) and other measures (e.g automatic shut-down during rest periods)
  • CO2 reduction of about 86,000 lbs/year
  • The SNI technology allows for power and communication over a standard 4-wire cable, which simplifies installation and reduces labor

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