Energy efficiency

Greater energy efficiency for reduced energy and operating costs
In many industries, "Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)" is becoming increasingly important. For these industries, MOVIGEAR® is not only an investment in intelligent drive technology, but it also helps them to immediately reduce energy costs.


A simple equation illustrates this:

PInput = POutput + PLosses

This means that the costs for electrical energy input (PInput) are calculated from the required mechanical energy (POutput) plus system losses (PLosses), which reduce the overall efficiency.



MOVIGEAR® minimizes drive losses

MOVIGEAR® minimizes drive losses

MOVIGEAR® system efficiency

Take the motor efficiency of MOVIGEAR®, for example, which already significantly exceeds efficiency class IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency). The overall efficiency of MOVIGEAR® (gear unit, motor and drive electronics) is considerably greater than that of conventional drive solutions. This contributes substantially to the reduction of energy losses during system operation.

The higher costs, compared to conventional drive solutions, are typically compensated within one or two years only by the saved energy expenses.

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Reducing energy costs by increasing overall efficiency

Reducing energy costs by increasing overall efficiency

Using MOVIGEAR® is not only an active contribution to preserving resources and the environment, but also enables the system operator to save a substantial amount of costs.

    Further energy saving aspects:
  • The energy efficiency of MOVIGEAR® makes a sustainable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • MOVIGEAR® significantly reduces the reactive power losses compared to conventional induction motors, which reduces power factor

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Energy saving potential
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